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The Office of Corporate Compliance (OCC) plays a key role in promoting ethical business conduct and a culture of integrity.  To this end, the OCC provides education, information and tools to support employees, faculty, and students in their efforts to adhere to the Compliance Program and Code of Conduct principles and goals, which include the following:
  • Comply with health care laws and regulations;
  • Provide medically necessary care to patients;
  • Maintain accurate and reliable corporate records regarding billing and other transactions;
  • Manage business relationships appropriately;
  • Encourage employee loyalty.

Audit Services

The Audit Services team serves all UChicago Medicine providers of patient health care services, management, and staff by providing information about billing, coding, and documentation rules. The Audit Services team supports and enforces the principles of federal and state mandates related to the billing of hospital and professional services through these activities:

  • Performing annual and focused audits
  • Responding to government audits and payment appeals
  • Implementing and facilitating corrective action
  • Responding to ICD-10 and CPT coding inquiries
  • Providing physician education and counseling
  • Reviewing charge tickets and other departmental billing related forms

Compliance Education

The Compliance Education Services team provides education to faculty, residents, fellows, staff and students, on a variety of topics such as fraud, waste and abuse, conflict of interest, and billing, coding and documentation.  The education program engages the workforce through various modalities, including
  • Conducting live compliance education sessions
  • Hosting third-party audio and web-based conferences on key compliance issues
  • Providing online compliance education, and
  • Conducting ongoing compliance awareness activities.

Risk and Data Services

Risk and Data Services supports institutional objectives of maintaining a culture of compliance by coordinating a comprehensive compliance risk assessment program on behalf of UChicago Medicine.  Risk Assessment Services utilizes a variety of methods and initiatives, including:
  • Proactively investigating potential risks within the medical center to identify components of the billing, coding, and documentation enterprise that may be at risk for non-compliance;
  • Formulating recommendations;
  • Creating guidance documents and tools;
  • Performing employee screenings for prospective employees; and
  • Overseeing the implementation of corrective action and other process improvement initiatives.

 Executive Corporate

Compliance Committee 

The Executive Corporate Compliance Committee is appointed by the President of UChicago Medicine to assist the UChicago Medicine Office of Corporate Compliance in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities in the clinical domain. The clinical compliance domain has oversight of issues pertaining to clinical operations, privacy, conflict of interest and support of coding and billing functions for those clinical activities occurring at UChicago Medicine, as well as compliance with State or Federal regulations, relating to delivery, billing or payment for clinical care.

The Committee is comprised of members appointed by the President at the recommendation of the Chief Compliance Officer. Members are selected by virtue of their roles within the institution and include:

Dean & Executive Vice President

Dean, Practice Plan

President, UChicago Medicine

Executive Vice President, Practice Plan

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Medical Officer

President, Medical Staff Organization

Chief Operating Officer, UChicago Medicine

Chief General Counsel, UChicago Medicine

Chief General Counsel, UChicago Medicine

Chief Financial Officer

Vice President, Finance

Associate Compliance Officer

Faculty Representative